How is Multimac value for money?

For many parents, especially those welcoming a third or fourth child, we know that price matters, and it is one of the most important factors in your purchasing decisions - often the deciding factor.

When compared directly with the cost of one or two car seats made by other manufacturers the Multimac can appear an enormous investment, so why is it so expensive - and what makes it exactly that - an excellent long-term investment?

Standard cost of car seats 

There are two different regulations child car seats are tested to: ECE 44-04 and ECE R129. Under both standards there are different ‘groups’ or ‘categories’ of car seats depending on children’s ages. 

Most car seats fit into just one or two of the following ECE 44-04 groups

  • Group 0, 0+ – Infant carriers for babies from birth to 13kg (0+) or 10kg (0) (approx. 15 months or 6-9 months)
  • Group 1 – For children from 9kg to 18kg (around 9 months to 4 years)
  • Group 2 – Booster seats for children from 15kg upwards (from approx. 4 years)
  • Group 3 – Booster cushions for children 22kg (approx. 6 years up) and upwards and more than 125cm tall

OR one or two of the following i-size (R-129) groups

  • I-size baby (newborns up to 85cm in height)
  • I-size baby and toddler (Newborn to 105cm)
  • I-Size toddler and child (61-105cm)
  • I-Size child (100-135cm) 

Rear-facing seats for infants on average tend to be more expensive costing between £150-£300

Joie I-Spin 360 Group 0/+1 Baby Car Seat

RRP: £280

Graco Turn2Me Group 0/+1

RRP: £150

With some of the highest rated car seats costing even more

Axkid One +2

RRP: £725

Ages: 0-7, Height: 40-125cm

As your child gets older and moves into groups 2/3 there are cheaper options you can opt for such as booster cushions. However, these seats aren’t considered to be the safest option, and they often rely on the car seat belt rather than a 5 point harness. Their lower price tag also often comes with a compromise on child safety.

In some cases group 2/3 car seats will allow children to use a 5 point harness up to 22kg. These seats are generally more expensive (approx. £150-£200) but provide extra support in the car for children as they continue to grow. However, there are very few group 3 car seats that allow use of the harness up to 36kg. There are some brands that do e.g. Maxi Cosi Titan, and you can also opt for a seat that uses the 5 point harness until 22kg and then a seat belt until 36kg but you will struggle to fit more than 2 in the backseat of most cars.

Maxi Cosi Titan Pro 2 i-Size

RRP: £270

5 point harness suitable for children 76-150cm (approximately 15 months-12 years old)

 Joie Elevate

 RRP: £80

5 point harness to 18kg, seat belt to 36kg

The safest car seats for your children aren’t cheap. This is for a number of reasons we will go on to discuss further, but with this in mind you can start to understand why the Multimac (adaptable for children from 0-12 years with a 5 point harness certified up to 36kg) costs what it does.

Costs of crash testing to ensure safest possible seat

So why is the price parents pay for the highest rated car seats so high?

Crash testing plays a significant role in this. Seats have to be crash tested before they can be approved, after approval random samples also have to be re-tested (at least) annually to confirm they still perform as originally approved for certification to be renewed.  For ‘normal’ single seats this can be done at any one of a number of test houses on a standard test rig.

Multimac is different. It could be carrying just one newborn, or 4 twelve year olds, or any combination in between. To ensure it works in all scenarios, we have to do 11 separate crash tests with different combinations of dummy sizes and positions. 

Most test houses have just one of each size dummy. We need 4 x twelve year olds.  So we have to rent some from other countries…

Each of the 11 crashes destroys a £2,000 seat, and each test costs ~ £1,500 so it is quite an expensive event. 

Cost of the materials used to make multimac safe and to the highest quality

The main Multimac frame is made using a special grade of aluminum to give the optimum strength/energy absorbing properties, and has patented calibrated energy absorbing legs.

The tether straps used to secure the multimac to the chassis of your car are custom made to a certified strength

Energy absorbing Chest pads are bought in from the patent-holding company

Our unique, patented Adjustamac system allows the Multimac to be used safely and correctly by children of any height from newborn to 135cm 

And finally, the seats are trimmed in Automotive quality materials, by the company which provides the trim for special Bentleys, Rolls Royces and Range Rovers, so it is built to last indefinitely.

Made in Britain

We’re extremely proud to be Made in Britain, not only does it mean our customers outside of the UK don’t pay any additional customs fees on top of the VAT in their country, but it also ensures all our parts come from good quality British suppliers who we regularly visit and know we can trust. 

The last few years have seen rises in costs for everyone and unfortunately that has also had a massive impact on both us and our suppliers. You may have seen we have reluctantly put our prices up over the past couple of years to help cover these overheads as many businesses selling consumer products have also been forced to do.

Longevity - the multimac will last you a long time and holds high resale value

The Multimac can be seen not just as an everyday purchase but as a long-term investment for your family! 

Due to the materials we use, as described above, and in particular the special grade aluminum frames and Automotive trim, the Multimac lasts indefinitely and all individual parts can eventually be replaced -  unlike regular child seats with plastic frames and cloth covers which expire/wear out within a few years.

This means that as your family grows, the Multimac can grow with you and you will never need to buy another seat.

With a significant resale value the Multimac also acts as a long term investment: you can purchase a new Multimac with the confidence that you’ll be able to pass it onto someone in the future who will just need to purchase a new fitting kit to make Multimac work for them.


Safe, secure, and durable child car seats are expensive - no matter the brand. 

At Multimac we have always prioritized safety and quality as we know that’s what is most important to you too. These values as well as the nature of Multimac as an investment rather than a simple purchase are reflected in its price.