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From 0 - 18 months

This is the ONLY baby seat to be used with the Multimac. The Minimac mechanically locks into any seat berth within the Multimac.

All Minimacs will fit in the two outer seats of every Multimac, but will only fit in one of the two middle seats in any four seater model. This is due to the Minimac's locking mechanism not being perfectly symmetrical - if you are ordering more than one, you will receive both a left-handed and a right-handed one so all arrangements are possible.

Can be taken in and out like a normal car seat using the carry straps.

The Minimac comes with a head hugger support.

Alcantara cover which is machine washable. 

See how it works on this video:


Safety fitted as standard

Multimac has been developed and tested involving BSI, VCA (Vehicle Certification Agency) , TRL (Transport Research Laboratory). The British Government and The European Government as well as VTI in Sweden. It has been granted international patents and cannot be copied.

It all adds up to a unique multiple child seat that is safe, secure and made to the highest possible standards.

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