Customer Testimonials

Our customers love the Multimac range, we know you will too!

Katie Price

When your brother is at nursery and so your baby doll takes his spot! Loving our multimac!!!

Francis Goodge

We are loving our multimac so much!

Tom Chilton

I spent ages searching Google for a car seat solution, but there was only one that was 50+ kilos of solid steel, improved the strength of my car chassis, prevented my children from bumping heads, and had harnesses long enough to get the kids in.

Richard Murley - Audi A3

We were recently in a crash that left our Audi A3 undrivable... My 9 year old and 4 year old children were with me and strapped into the MultiMac and there was absolutely no harm to them.

Callum Macphee

Game changer, we love it!

Hannah Amelia

I just want to thank your company because without this seat I would not be able to help so many little people!

Brittany Balinski

We absolutely love our multimac...

Issy Mosley

...its versatility meant we didn't have to change our car for a bigger one.

Chloe Mcnamara

Multimac made traveling in one car as a family possible instead of taking two!

Ian Jebbitt

The product is very impressive. Nice little details like the moving strap height and it feels really robust. We are loving the Multimac and it has made coming to Spain much easier.

Mary-Jane Eldred

Best invention ever that means a normal car can become a tardis.

Annie Burton

A brilliant product, well made, safe and the toddlers love it!

Oliver Lanestead

Awesome customer service and a fab product. My kids love it.

Georgia Shea

Excellent, what a super invention this is! All installed ready for the new baby number 4 to arrive and didn’t even have to get a new car!

Julie Sherwood

I’m not sure what we would have done otherwise with our family of 7. So thank you!

Charlotte Welsh

It is brill!! We love it

Monica Stott

If you’ve got three or more children and you don’t want to change your car then you won’t regret buying a Multimac.

Alex Cook

The Multimac seat is fabulous; super bit of kit

Humayun Saleem

"Excellent company. Where happy to help with the questions I had. Very happy with the new car seat and the kids love it as well."

Mike Murray

Just want to say a thank you. We absolutely love our Multimac

Elena Simpson

We love the multimac! We’re so happy we could keep our existing car!

Tanya Hristova

Hello, We just wanted to say how happy we are with our Multimac seat, it is a game changer [🥰] [😍] [🥰] Our kids love their new seat, and so do we [❤️] Thank you for all your help throughout the whole process of ordering, buying and receiving

Joke Spaas

We have our multimac for six months now and it was the best investment! Shipping to Belgium was no issue. It is so much fun to have the whole family in one car without the necessary of buying a new car. The kids love traveling in their multimac and it is

Louana Kotera

Finally got a multimac seat for the triplets!

Natalia Esty

Game changer!

Lynsey Middler

Big thanks for the help and quick support, got the multimac fitted in this morning and it feels absolutely solid. Very happy, thank you very much!

Magyar-Hunor Tamas

This is innovation, not the 6th camera or the 128th core in your mobile. Innovation is the quad child seat that's now fitted to our car.

Dave Cooper

The Multimac has been life-changing. It's absolutely fantastic. We got ours installed just a couple of days before our fourth arrived and it is more or less perfect. The kids love it, we love it and the build quality is so great.

Milos Savic

Great product which perfectly addresses the need of bigger families to drive 3+ small children in "standard" cars.

David Bagnall

Excellent product! Saved us switching cars and provides so much more space than conventional car seats.

Tom Mintern

Put simply, it is a brilliant piece of engineering and the seat has transformed the stresses and strains of travelling with three (or four) kids aged six and under. The kids love the seat and they're safe, which is the main thing. We're delighte

Claire O'Brien

We had our 3 seater fitted this morning. We’re thrilled with it, so secure and amazing quality. Thank you, it took so much stress out of my prep for our new baby due next week ! Attached is our biggest boy taking his first ride 🙌


Multimac 1320 (4 seater)

Multimac 1320 (4 seater)

Our widest 4 seat model Suitable for children 0-12 years old | 0-135 cm |...

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Multimac 1000 (3 seater)

Multimac 1000 (3 seater)

The original 3 seater 5 point harness suitable for children 0-12 years old...

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Superclub (3 Seater)

Superclub (3 Seater)

Our widest 3 seat model Suitable for children 0-12 years old | 0-135cm |...

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