Plug-In Buckle

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Suitable for children 12+ and small adults

The Multimac plug-in-buckle allows children over 12 and (the occasional) small adult to use the regular ‘lap and diagonal’ seat belt on the outer seats of the Multimac. Ideal for older siblings, the plug in buckle saves the Multimac becoming redundant when your eldest turns 12 or organising alternative travel solutions when the occasional adult needs to sit in the back. 

Can be tucked under the seat base whilst the 5 point harness is in use and easily flipped out for instant use.

Please note, this is for small adults/short journeys only and would not be recommended for permanent use for an adult.


Different cars require different style plug-in-buckles so the car you enter at checkout will determine which one we send you.

Car Manufacturers change their buckles frequently so we cannot guarantee that we will have a buckle compatible with all car makes and models. Please be aware lots of newer VW, Audi, Skoda, BMW and Tesla cars are not compatible with buckles we can source. 

Newer Nissans will only take a certain buckle which we cannot source. In this instance we have to buy direct from Nissan and modify it for the Multimac. This is likely to cost around £120 in total

If you’d like more information about plug-in-buckles and their compatibility with your car Contact Us


The plug in buckle can be ordered later and retrofitted but please note it is only compatible with Multimacs manufactured after 2015. 

Can only be used on the two end seats of the Multimac. 

Plug-In Adult Buckle

Safety fitted as standard

 The plug in buckle must only be used if your child is older/bigger than the child seat requirements in your country.

The Plug in buckle is not approved for use with a traditional rear facing child seat and neither we nor the other child seat manufacturer would accept any liability for any accident resulting from its use. The Minimac must always be used.