Superclub Junior (3 Seater)

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The smaller Superclub

5 point harness suitable for children 0-12 years old | 0-135cm | 0-36kg

Minimac required for children under 18 months | 82cm | 13kg 

The Multimac is the only multiple child seat in the world.

Our three seaters are suitable for up to three children (0-12) and up to two small adults (12+), providing superior quality and maximum protection for all ages. 


Overall width: 1140 mm
Seat width: 2 x Club+ Seats (350mm), 1 x Superclub Seat (400mm)

Overall weight: 36kg

  • Solid aluminium frame
  • Wipe clean faux leather, with real leather available
  • Mounted securely to chassis of car
  • Strong enough to carry up to 3 tonnes


The minimac is compatible with all three seats

There is the option of a plug in adult buckle on up to two seats, allowing the outer seats to take an adult or child over 36kg using the car’s lap and diagonal.

The Plug in buckle is not approved for use with a traditional rear facing child seat and neither we nor the other child seat manufacturer would accept any liability for any accident resulting from its use. The Minimac must always be used with the Multimac for rear-facing children.

Use our will it fit tool to find out if the Superclub junior is right for you.

Standard Faux Leather/Black Chest pads
Trimmed in leather

View a sample of our leather options.

Finance Available!

Safety fitted as standard

Multimac has been crash tested at VTI in Sweden with 11 different age/weight load combinations to ensure maximum safety. 

We’re fully approved to European regulation ECE 44-04 and greatly exceed all crash test requirements.

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The Multimac sits on top of your car’s back seat and is not a permanent fixture.

It is secured using two tether straps that connect to the existing seat belt mounting points on the floor of your car’s chassis.

The Multimac cannot be secured using ISO-Fix points as they are not strong enough!

Fitting should be done by a competent mechanic.


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Sarah Jena

Car - BMW i3

We found it near impossible to find 3 safe, good quality car seats that would fit in our i3 so multimac was an absolute game changer for us!

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