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Will it fit?

If your car is not on this list, just give us a call!


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Warning SmallThis multimac requires a spacer for fitting in this vehicle.

This multimac is recommended for your vehicle.

Warning Small We may not have compatible buckles for your car. Please contact us.

  • Standard Fitting

    The supplied parts (specific to your car type) will mount to existing seat belt fixings under the back seat. State your car at check out and we will send the correct parts required.

  • Replacement Adult Buckles

    The existing seat belt buckles protrude rigidly through the car seat, and would be crushed by the Multimac, these must be replace by our certified 'buckles on webbing' which can fold out of the way. Please make sure you order these when ordering your Multimac.

  • Special Fitting By Agent

    This car requires a special fitting which must be done at either one of our fitting agents or at local garage by a competent mechanic.

    There are no suitable mounting points in your car to fix our tether straps to, so we have to drill two small holes in the floor of the car. This is not as drastic as it sounds but must be carried out by an insured mechanic. This fitting could take up to 2 or 3 hours.

  • Spacer

    On some cars the seat back is recessed within the wheel arches, limiting the width of Multimac which can be fitted.

    Fitting a spacer of 50-100mm thickness can push the Multimac forward, still behind the front edge of the car seat, allowing a wider model Multimac to be used.

Fitting parts are car specific so if you are moving your Multimac from one car to another you need to order a new fitting kit. Just state the model and year of your car at check out and we will send the correct parts.

When ordering your Multimac, the fitting parts for your first car are included.

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Installation Manual

Download Manual