Spacer Kit

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An essential fitting component in some cars, our spacer kit ensures the multimac fits securely in your car and doesn’t cause any damage to the back seats.

In many cars a spacer kit is required either due to fixed head rests, protruding wheel arches or dipped seats. 


Pack of two (occasionally more) foam spacers trimmed in an automotive felt. Allows the multimac to fit properly in your car whilst being very discreet.


Different cars require spacers of different sizes. We will send you the correct spacer kit based on the car you specify at checkout.  

Spacer Kit

Safety fitted as standard

Multimac has been crash tested at VTI in Sweden with 11 different age/weight load combinations to ensure maximum safety. 

We’re fully approved to European regulation ECE 44-04 and greatly exceed all crash test requirements.

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