Safety Clothing

The Multimac Road Coat


Safety experts have known for years that wearing a winter coat in a child seat is dangerous, as the contained air in the insulation prevents you tightening the harness fully, but in a crash this insulation is compressed so the harness becomes completely slack and the child can be thrown completely out of the jacket and harness. Sadly this has been seen in a number of real crashes, and also crash laboratory tests.


The recommendation from experts, and repeated on many parent-child forums, is that you should NEVER put your child in a car seat while wearing a coat.
In reality this is very difficult, as most family cars are not garaged, so if you come out of the house on a freezing Winter morning with one or more children, you are not going to ask them to take their jacket off, and sit in a freezing car seat in a freezing car, and have the freezing harness strapped over them while you defrost the windscreen.
This is a universal problem, but no-one seemed to be doing anything about it, and as the makers of the safest child seat in the World, we couldn’t just accept that safety is massively compromised in the Winter, so we designed and patented a ‘safe’ car seat, and subsequently became agents for ‘The Road-Coat’.
The video below shows how ingeniously it works to bring absolute safety to your children. You simply unclip the split-collar, and unzip the padded outer front panels and harness your child up normally, then re-zip up the front.

When you arrive at your destination, you unzip the front, undo the harness and take your child out: zip up the front again and re-clip the collar.   The Road Coat is a very high quality construction to last for many years [and hand-me-down] and a classical shape your child will be proud to wear.


  • Temperature rating -25 Fahrenheit. / - 30 Celsius
  • High density, wind and water resistant Polyester Shell Fabric 
  • 80% Down 20% Feathers filler
  • Safe in booster seat
  • Machine washable
  • Heavy duty oversize zippers make it easy to open or close
  • Fleece lined pocket bags keeps little hands warm and toasty
  • Zipper garage at inner and outer front layer zipper closure protects little chins
  • Coat can be easily folded into accompanying pouch to fit in back pack, locker or tote
  • Thin inner and puffy outer front layer closure provides easy access to the car seat harness while eliminating puffy layers between the seat and child’s body
  • Split collar construction with soft hook & loop closure allows harness strap to pass to front and to lay flat on shoulders
  • Non slip surface at thin inner front layer prevents harness strap & chest buckle from slipping



The Multimac Road Coat
The Multimac Road Coat
The Multimac Road Coat
The Multimac Road Coat
The Multimac Road Coat
The Multimac Road Coat
The Multimac Road Coat