Road Coat

The most effective and convenient way to keep your child safe and warm in the car

Sale prices! Valid until 30th November 2023.

The road coat’s dual layer design allows your child to get in and out of the car with their coat on, without compromising on safety.

A combination of carefully designed and engineered features makes the road coat the only coat you’ll ever need. These include:

  • Heavy duty oversized zippers making it easy to open and close
  • A split collar for car seat harnesses to pass through
  • Grippy dots to prevent harnesses from slipping


  • 80% Down, 20% Feather filler
  • High density, wind and water resistant polyester shell fabric
  • Temperature rating of -30 degrees celsius
  • Machine Washable 
  • Fleece lined pockets to keep little hands warm and toasty


Sizes range from 12 months to 8 years old years old.


The Road coat in action

Take a look at this demo video to see why the road coat was invented and how it can ensure the safety AND warmth of your child in the car.

Car seat safety

It’s widely known amongst car seat safety experts and safety conscious parents alike that children wearing a winter coat in the car is extremely dangerous. This is because contained air in a coat’s insulation prevents car seat harnesses from being fully tightened. In the event of a crash this insulation is compressed so the harness becomes completely slack and the child can be thrown completely out of their seat. Sadly this has been seen in a number of real crashes as well as laboratory tests.