Set of replacement Car Buckles

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  • trl
  • vti

Needed in some cars for fitting - please check yours

Replacement car buckles are buckles on webbing which may be needed for installation. Comes in a set of 3 - so only need to order 1 lot. 

Most modern cars have very rigit buckles protruding thorugh the back seat and if the Multimac was to be put in (wieghing 30/40kg) it would crush these. In these cases we have to supply our own 'buckles on webbing', so they can be tucked out of way while the Multimac is in place and used for carrying adults when the Multimac is not in the car.

Safety fitted as standard

Multimac has been developed and tested involving BSI, VCA (Vehicle Certification Agency) , TRL (Transport Research Laboratory). The British Government and The European Government as well as VTI in Sweden. It has been granted international patents and cannot be copied.

It all adds up to a unique multiple child seat that is safe, secure and made to the highest possible standards.

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