Multimac 1320 (4 seater)

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1320 4 seater straight on
130 4 seater right angle
1320 4 seater left angle
1320 4 seater in car
Multimac 1320 (4 seater)
1320 4 seater straight on
130 4 seater right angle
1320 4 seater left angle
1320 4 seater in car
Multimac 1320 (4 seater)
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Multimac 1320 (4 seater)

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Our widest 4 seat model

Suitable for children 0-12 years old | 0-135 cm | 0-36kg

Minimac required for children under 18 months | 82cm | 13kg 

The multimac is the only multiple child seat in the world.

Designed by a British engineer and Dad of four who was fed up with fuel guzzling people carriers, multimac has always prioritised safety and quality whilst also delivering on convenience for families with three or more children,

Our four seaters are suitable for up to four children (0-12) and up to two small adults (12+), providing superior quality and maximum protection for all ages. 


Overall width: 1350mm

Seat width: 4 x Club Seats (330mm)

Overall weight: 40kg

  • Solid aluminium frame

  • Wipe clean faux leather, with real leather available

  • Mounted securely to chassis of car

  • Strong enough to carry up to 3 tonnes


The minimac will fit in 3 of the 4 seat berths (Both outer seats and one middle seat.)

There is the option of a plug in adult buckle on up to two seats, allowing the outer seats to take an adult or child over 36kg using the car’s lap and diagonal.

The Plug in buckle is not approved for use with a traditional rear facing child seat and neither we nor the other child seat manufacturer would accept any liability for any accident resulting from its use. The Minimac must always be used with the Multimac for rear-facing children.

Use our will it fit tool to find out if the 1320 will fit your car.


Standard Faux Leather/Black Chest pads
Customisable Real Leather

View a sample of our leather options.

Finance Available!

Safety fitted as standard

Multimac has been crash tested at VTI in Sweden with 11 different age/weight load combinations to ensure maximum safety. 

We’re fully approved to European regulation ECE 44-04 and greatly exceed all crash test requirements.

Read more here


The Multimac sits on top of your car’s back seat and is not a permanent fixture.

It is secured using two tether straps that connect to the existing seat belt mounting points on the floor of your car’s chassis.

The Multimac cannot be secured using ISO-Fix points as they are not strong enough!

Fitting should be done by a competent mechanic.


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Malin N

Car - Ford F150 Raptor

Customer service is great, they are friendly and respond quickly. We are very happy with our Multimac, it fits perfectly in our car and our four children can sit together and they love it!

Benedykt and Sylvester

Car - VW Passat

We absolutely love our multimac - it was a lifesaver when we discovered baby 4 was on the way. We got to keep the car we love and transport everyone safely. Also we have had top notch personal service from the team from first contact and even after-sales. Highly recommend.

Also fitting wasn’t as problematic as we thought it took us about 90 mins. :)

Georgia Shea

Car - Range Rover Vogue

Excellent, what a super invention this is! All installed ready for the new baby number 4 to arrive and didn’t even have to get a new car!

Calum Macphee

Car - Range Rover Sport

Game changer, we love it!

Hannah Amelia

I am a nanny/foster carer and want to thank multimac because without this seat I would not be able to help so many little people

Chloe Mcnamara

Car - BMW 6 Series

We get complimented every time we go out when they notice the amount of people in our car and car seat system that's installed, and they can never believe it! Multimac made traveling in one car as a family possible instead of taking two!

Mary-Jane Eldred

Car - Discovery Sport

When we found out our family wasn't expanding from 2 to 3 but 2 to 4 everyone kept asking us what we were going to do car wise. We already had a 7 seater but the Multimac meant we could keep our boot space for the pram. Best invention ever that means a normal car can become a tardis.

Julie Sherwood

Car - Kia Sorrento

We honestly are so thankful for the Multimac! A recommendation from another twin mum and by far the Best Buy. I’m not sure what we would have done otherwise with our family of 7. So thank you!

Alice Leenman

Car - VW Passat

Even after more than two years, we are still very happy with our multimac.
Have travelled to Austria and Italy with it.

People wondering: four kids and not even a roofbox? Nope, because we have this seat and just fill the back of our VW Passat stationwagon with the luggage, instead of buying this "seven seater" where you are going to miss all the space in the back!

John Stewart

Car - Audi Q7

The multimac is a great solution to the problem of fitting 4 kids into a car in one row. My kids love it. The team at Multimac are awesome, and always helpful. They always go above and beyond to assist.

Joke Spaas

Car - Tesla Model X

We have our multimac for six months now and it was the best investment! Shipping to Belgium was no issue.
It is so much fun to have the whole family in one car without the necessary of buying a new car.
The kids love traveling in their multimac and it is so easy to buckle up!
What I like the most is that the seats are put just a little backwards, so we hardly see their heads falling forward when they are sleeping in the car.
A big advantage when we travelled to Austria on our skiing trip this winter.
Once you go multimac, you never go back ♡

Natalia Eystathiadis

Car - Audi Q7

Game changer!

Magyar-Hunor Tamas

Car - Mazda CX-5

This is innovation, not the 6th camera or the 128th core in your mobile. Innovation is the quad child seat that's now fitted to our car.
here's the story:

- we bought our first car just a bit more than a year ago, a Mazda CX-5. It was important to me that while we are a relatively big family, I still didn't want to buy a bus. I wanted a car that's FUN TO DRIVE. So that's why we ended up with this amazing Mazda CX-5. I do also drive it like a Porsche btw.

but then we found out we expect our 4th child. What now? Options were Volvo XC90 7seater, about £20k 2nd hand 100k miles Diesel (big no) or Hyundai Santa Fe 7seater, Diesel, about £15k. These are a lot of money for us, especially we'd have been losing on the Mazda too if we were to sell it. But bigger problem was that once you up the seats on the 7 seaters, their boot space becomes ~200 litres, which is not even close to enough for a big family like ours.

Here comes MULTIMAC - Automotive Macliver Ltd ! Multimac is a company that brings innovation, they are fixing this headache, cuz I can tell you, even fitting in 3 child seats is a huge headache, 4 is impossible...unless Multimac :)

Huge thanks for Victoria Sambrook for the months and months of addressing my questions and concerns and to Minty Macliver and @Kevin Macliver for fitting it to the car :)

Dave Cooper

Car - C4 Grand Picasso

The Multimac has been life-changing. It's absolutely fantastic. We got ours installed just a couple of days before our fourth arrived and it is more or less perfect. The kids love it, we love it and the build quality is so great.

One thing that we love that I'm sure you've heard before is that the mechanism for fastening and loosening things is built so much better than any other car seat that we have used before. It's buttery smooth and is super easy to operate, even when the kids are in the seats.

Tom M

Car - Audi A6 Avant

We have three young (but ever-growing) children and had reached a point where we thought we'd have to invest heavily and purchase a new car. We love our five-seater car and the only reason we considered a change was because of the classic car-seat/space dilemma. We could not find three car seats to fit safely and neatly on our back seat.

Enter Multimac...!

We used Multimac's brilliant 'Will it fit?' tool to check whether any of their seats would be compatible with our car. To our surprise, the tool informed us that we could opt for either the three or four-seater Multimac in our Audi A6 estate. With the possibility of adding a fourth child in future and, if not, plenty of nieces and nephews who are regularly in need of a 'lift', we opted for the four-seater and are so delighted we have.

Put simply, it is a brilliant piece of engineering and the seat has transformed the stresses and strains of travelling with three (or four) kids aged six and under. The kids love the seat and they're safe, which is the main thing. We're delighted with our purchase!

But, more than that, Multimac clearly haven't lost sight of the family nature of their business. Despite being a market-leader and expanding over time, they remain personable and approachable. Our (very many!) questions were answered with clarity, speed and understanding.

Kevin and Minty (the company's Founder Director and Head of Operations no less) even took the trip to our house to deliver and install our seat. It was such a surprise and a wonderful opportunity to meet them both and hear about the origins of the idea and the company's plans moving forward.

I rarely write these reviews, but felt compelled on this occasion given my overwhelmingly positive experience.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend a Multimac product and, if you're on fence, just contact Minty and the team and they'll be pleased to help and give you their honest advice.


Tom and family

Caroline Feeney

Car - Hyundai Santa Fe

Multimac delivered on the 2nd of June, later than initially advertised.

Since its arrival we have had the opportunity to take our 4 kids to the beach and on drives to scenic walks.

The product is absolutely fantastic, it is very well made, and the kids seem to really enjoy sitting next to one another (4 and 2 year old have been able to pacify 5 month old twins en route).

This would easily be a five star review if it was not for some communication breakdown during the order process. It was a difficult wait for the product but the company were very good in the end to offer us a good will gesture.

Based on our experience to date we would highly recommend this product.

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