Superclub (3 Seater)

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Superclub 3 seater, straight on
Superclub 3 seater, right angle
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Superclub in car
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Superclub 3 seater, straight on
Superclub 3 seater, right angle
Superclub 3 seater, left angle
Superclub in car
Superclub with accessory labels
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Superclub (3 Seater)

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Our widest 3 seat model

Suitable for children 0-12 years old | 0-135cm | 0-36kg

Minimac required for children under 18 months | 82cm | 13kg 

The Multimac is the only multiple child seat in the world.

Our three seaters are suitable for up to three children (0-12) and up to two small adults (12+), providing superior quality and maximum protection for all ages. 


Overall width: 1230 mm
Seat width: 3 x Superclub Seats (400mm)

Overall weight: 36kg

  • Solid aluminium frame
  • Wipe clean faux leather, with real leather available
  • Mounted securely to chassis of car
  • Strong enough to carry up to 3 tonnes


The minimac is compatible with all three seats

There is the option of a plug in adult buckle on up to two seats, allowing the outer seats to take an adult or child over 36kg using the car’s lap and diagonal.

The Plug in buckle is not approved for use with a traditional rear facing child seat and neither we nor the other child seat manufacturer would accept any liability for any accident resulting from its use. The Minimac must always be used with the Multimac for rear-facing children.

Use our will it fit tool to find out if the Superclub is right for you.

Standard Faux Leather/Black Chest pads
Customisable Real Leather

View a sample of our leather options.

Finance Available!

Safety fitted as standard

Multimac has been crash tested at VTI in Sweden with 11 different age/weight load combinations to ensure maximum safety. 

We’re fully approved to European regulation ECE 44-04 and greatly exceed all crash test requirements.

Read more here


The Multimac sits on top of your car’s back seat and is not a permanent fixture.

It is secured using two tether straps that connect to the existing seat belt mounting points on the floor of your car’s chassis.

The Multimac cannot be secured using ISO-Fix points as they are not strong enough!

Fitting should be done by a competent mechanic.


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Laura Rawnsley

Car - MINI Countryman

This car seat is a genius bit of kit, it saved us having to buy a new car when we had our 3rd, I drive a mini and it fits the 4 seater although we went for the three as that’s all we needed.
The team were great and helped us try them out in the car at their HQ so we could decide which one to go for, the finish is great and it’s really easy to use and adjust for different children.
Order with plenty of time for your needs as lead time was a while but worth the wait.

Sam Handley

Car - Ford Kuga

As a family of 5 with 3 kids under 5 we would be lost without the multimac! The kids love it and we love it! It’s near impossible to fit 3 car seats in a family car and Multimac have solved this issue! The build is solid, the quality is fantastic and the product is unmatched! Also cheaper than running 2 cars or updating car seats as the kids grow. We have drive all over the UK with our kids in ours and never had a moments bother. Couldn’t recommend enough and wouldn’t. Could not use another! Customer services are brilliant too - always there to answer my daft questions. Thank you Multimac!!

Charlotte Bradshaw

Car - Ford Tourneo Courier

A very technical product and amazing customer service

Chris Downs

Car - Mercedes E Class

Excellent products and excellent aftersales service! We've finally rid ourselves of the people carrier 😂Special thank you to Victoria and Kevin who bent over backwards and were very patient to get me sorted and set up using our Multimac SuperClub and pair of Minimacs. They even helped get my order out in time for our holiday! I can't thank you enough, it's made such a difference to going out together as a family. I'll try and add some photos when I get decent ones (and the car is vaguely clean 😋). Thank you so much!

Robert Stokes

Car - Volvo XC90

I have been very impressed with both the company and the product. The customer service throughout ordering, configuration and delivery has been excellent, with very good communication throughout. The product itself is better in reality than pictures do them justice. Very solidly constructed, very easy to use and the children love it. Very impressed with the safety information, for us this was key in the buying decision.

Laura Rochford

Car - Ford Kuga

Can't fault this company for their customer care and attention to queries and information required.
Obviously, for the price it's important to get all info available.
I feel they have excelled in their attention to detail for me. And have no problem recommending a 5 star review!

Dan Rickard

Car - Audi S6

So along comes baby number three and the helpful people at the local car safety centre could find no combination of seats that all fit in the back of our A6 for new born, 3 year old and 7 year old.
Then along cane Multimac.
Excellent product. Excellent customer service both before purchase and even now, three and a half years later. Always on hand to answer questions and help.

Over the three and a half years this has been a brilliant product and we’ve had no problems with it and it looks as good as new once you’ve wiped off all the sticky kids mess.
With the adjustable and repalceable/upgrade able headrests it’s seen us through from a newborn on day one to now a three year old and even her oldest brother, almost 11, is still comfortable in the super club.

When we first purchase they delivered to a local fitter from their network installed everything and showed us how all the bits worked and how everything came in and out.
The kids, apart from the three year old, can plug themselves in. You just need to pull the strap to tighten them up and keep them in place.

Wonderful product. Wonderful team of support staff. Couldn’t recommend them more.

Richard Murley

Car - Audi A3

We were recently in a crash that left our Audi A3 undrivable and were very lucky that no one was hurt.

My 9 year old and 4 year old children were with me and strapped into the MultiMac and there was absolutely no harm to them.

I wonder what the outcome might have been if my 9 year old had been sitting on only a booster seat. I'm not sure he would have remained completely unharmed.

I am very thankful that they were in the MultiMac and as a result remain healthy happy children.

I was always a firm believer that MultiMac was a brilliant piece of kit and through an experience I never wish to repeat I have absolutely no doubt about it #3inthebackwithamultimac

Issy Mosley

Car - Lexus NX300h

After finding out we were expecting twins, we were having difficulty finding 3 car seats to fit in the back of our relatively new car but after finding the Multimac it was instantly our first choice and its versatility meant we didn't have to change our car for a bigger one.

Ian Jebbitt

Car - Ford Tourneo Courier

I really appreciate your customer service and the follow up today. The product is also very impressive. Nice little details like the moving strap height and it feels really robust.
We are loving the Multimac and it has made coming to Spain much easier.

Philip Eckardt

Car - BMW 1 Series

A really terrific product, v well designed, v well made.
It allowed us to stick with our smaller car, far longer than we ever would have otherwise been able to. We use the three seater Multimac for our three kids, and we've recently been able to migrate our youngest out of the minimac (infant rear facing seat bolt on)... so the product lives on for us, and we expect to move the whole three-seater into a new car before the end of the year.

Joe Clapson

Car - Ford Focus

A FANTASTIC piece of kit that transported my young family of 5 across the UK on family trips, holidays and day trips. The experiences that the Multimac facilitated for us were priceless.

Elena Simpson

Car - BMW 320i Touring

We love the multimac! We’re so happy we could keep our existing car!

Louana Kotera

Car - Nissan Leaf

Finally got a multimac for the triplets! Boys weren't too sure in the beginning but soon after leaving nursery all three were comfortably napping in their new car seat

Paul Burbidge-Grant

Car - Nissan Leaf

What an amazing product and amazing service we have been looking at getting the 3 seat set up from
Then it ended up being very short notice we had fantastic communication with them and they managed to get the seats done and fitted it the very short time we needed them .

Any questions or any help needed contact them for a quick speedy response .

Would recommend to anyone and people that have seen the seats are so super impressed with them we can now have 3 children in our Nissan leaf :-)

Lynsey Middler

Car - Audi E-tron Sportsback

Big thanks for the help and quick support, got the Multimac fitted in this morning and it feels absolutely solid. Very happy, thank you very much!

Will Cottrell

Car - Skoda Octavia

Excellent customer service and kept us fully informed of delivery times etc. The garage was incredibly helpful showing us how to adjust for different ages and the children all love it!

Milos Savic

Car - Honda Accord

Great product which perfectly addresses the need of bigger families to drive 3+ small children in "standard" cars. We are using it for a couple of months and really happy with it: mounting was according to manual, children sit comfortably, easy to configure the belts and head rests and easy to clean and maintain.
I live in Serbia and delivery from UK was a little bit problematic but together with Multimac team we figured it out 👍

One improvement point from my side would be to put additional layer on strap which goes between the legs. Currently it's an ordinary strap which is a little bit uncomfortable for children, it could be softer.

David Bagnall

Car - VW Tiguan

Excellent product! Saved us switching cars and provides so much more space than conventional car seats. Customer service was excellent throughout and installation quick and efficient. Would recommend to anyone!

Iwan Vossen

Car - Volvo V40 (2013) & Fiat Punto

We've bought the Multimac Superclub in 2022 and it fits perfect in both the Volvo V40 (2013 model) and the Fiat Punto (2009 model). As mentioned before by others, it is nearly impossible to fit 3 children under 4 in our car, so this Multimac is the most genius solution ever! We drove from the Netherlands to Birmingham to pick up the Multimac (and one Minimac) and they've build it in for us, on the spot. Customer Service is beyond expectations (Minty and Victoria, thanks for all your time!!).
Thank you Multimac!!!
Best regards,
Iwan (Feb 19, 2024)

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