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Why is Multimac not R129 compliant?

Why is Multimac not R129 compliant?

There is much confusion as there are 2 parallel safety tests, and many unqualified people quoting figures they don't understand, so we will try to clarify:

  • The original European testing standard was ECE 44-02, updated to 44-03 and finally 44-04 and this is what we, and all non Isofix seats are tested to.
  • I-size or R129 was introduced specifically for Isofix seats, and to make it more user-friendly for adults it referred to a child’s length, rather than weight or age, but then went on to say that children had to be rear facing until 15 months..
  • I-size also introduced a side-impact test, but had a crash speed of 32mph, exactly the same as ECE44-04
  • I-size uses Isofix, but Isofix points alone can only support a child up to 4 years old, and you will see that all i-size seats for children over 4 have to use the adult seat belt as well.
  • The German test house ADAC independently crash tests child seats at 40 mph, BUT: it is not the speed at the start of the crash which is important, it is how suddenly you stop, and this test is no more arduous than the 30g forces generated in the 32 mph crashes.
  • Multimac has been crash tested and approved by ADAC, and is recommended on their website.

As we do not use Isofix [but use the much stronger adult seat belt mountings] we simply cannot be approved to the isofix regulations, as that is their prime requirement. However, that does not make us less safe: in fact quite the opposite, primarily because of our unique metal construction and built-in real energy absorbing features [rather than a bit of foam..]

They are the rules. Other soft evidence for you is:

Multimac has been crash tested in real cars by one of the big 3 German manufacturers who were ‘amazed’ at the side impact performance.
After Which? Crash tested the Multimac they called us in and said they were so impressed by the side impact protection of our Ylva headrests, would we consider making them to fit normal cars?
Our crash test figures initially amazed the Swedish test house, who insisted on doing the tests again as they assumed these figures were unachievable, and their instrumentation must be wrong. It wasn’t..
I have attached a poster.  When the ex-technical director of Britax saw our crash test figures he said he had never seen anything like that, and we should publish them.