Tom Mintern

We have three young (but ever-growing) children and had reached a point where we thought we'd have to invest heavily and purchase a new car. We love our five-seater car and the only reason we considered a change was because of the classic car-seat/space dilemma. We could not find three car seats to fit safely and neatly on our back seat.

Enter Multimac...!

We used Multimac's brilliant 'Will it fit?' tool to check whether any of their seats would be compatible with our car. To our surprise, the tool informed us that we could opt for either the three or four-seater Multimac in our Audi A6 estate. With the possibility of adding a fourth child in future and, if not, plenty of nieces and nephews who are regularly in need of a 'lift', we opted for the four-seater and are so delighted we have.

Put simply, it is a brilliant piece of engineering and the seat has transformed the stresses and strains of travelling with three (or four) kids aged six and under. The kids love the seat and they're safe, which is the main thing. We're delighted with our purchase!

But, more than that, Multimac clearly haven't lost sight of the family nature of their business. Despite being a market-leader and expanding over time, they remain personable and approachable. Our (very many!) questions were answered with clarity, speed and understanding.

Kevin and Minty (the company's Founder Director and Head of Operations no less) even took the trip to our house to deliver and install our seat. It was such a surprise and a wonderful opportunity to meet them both and hear about the origins of the idea and the company's plans moving forward.

I rarely write these reviews, but felt compelled on this occasion given my overwhelmingly positive experience.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend a Multimac product and, if you're on fence, just contact Minty and the team and they'll be pleased to help and give you their honest advice.


Tom and family