The Rules

The Multimac is approved as a "semi-universal" CRS (child restraint system) which means that not all models fit all cars, and we have to give a specific list of which model MULTIMAC will fit each car.

The Rules for semi-universal CRS are that it should attach to the existing, lower, adult belt mountings, and/or use any additional supports supplied by the manufacturer of the CRS.

These adult mountings have to be a certified strength, as specified to the car manufacturers in UNECE Regulation 14, which is normally 2.7 tonnes force; exactly doubly that required by the Multimac Tether straps.

By comparison, individual ISO FIX points have a minimum strength of 0.4 tonnes force.

If the adult seat belt mountings are not present, or not conveniently positioned, our specialist fitting agents can provide alternative certified fittings which will not affect your cars warranty.