Multiple Child Seats to transform your Childcare Business

Childminders are a huge market for us, and one we love being able to assist! We get countless calls explaining how much of a faff it is having a hallway full of car seats that need to be changed around daily or comments on expense of having to upgrade to a 7-seater when they only need the extra space on weekdays. We like to think we can make your life that bit easier with the Multimac!

Not only do we think we can make your life easier, the Multimac will also enable you to increase your intake. An extra space in the car means an extra child, an extra child means more income, what’s not to like! We can put 4 seater's in cars ranging from VW Polo’s and upwards or transform the back 2 seats of your 7-seater in to 3.

You know your rates better than us, but working on the UK average (Mirror) our widest 4 seater will take just under 300 hours of looking after an extra child to pay for itself, let alone the savings in not needing a bigger car or any additional car seats! 

But don’t just take our word for it, a lovely customer of ours Kirsty is a registered Childminder and drives a Vauxhall Astra and said the following; “As a registered childminder the children in my care can range from 6 weeks to 12 years. I have two grown children of my own who have left home and a 13-year-old of my own so to purchase a 7 seater for work was a huge expense I didn’t want to have to incur. Multiple age groups mean multiple types of car seats, trying to find storage solutions and the added hassle of changing them daily depending on what children we have booked in”. In turn she then says that the Multimac “made the day to day school and nursery runs far easier” and “the wipe clean fabric has been invaluable”. For context in the improvement of the space in her car, we’ve attached pictures she’s sent of her before and after with the Multimac so you can see the transformation below!

So, whether you’re looking to expand your Business, keep the car you love, or you’re simply fed up of chopping and changing Car seats daily, we’re hopefully the answer for you.

You can check out which Multimac we’d recommend for your car here.