Multimac Releases Rainbow Seat To Celebrate Birmingham's Pride Festival

Minty stated, “As a Birmingham business, we love to support local events. And being an inclusive employer, we wanted to show our support for the LGBTQ+ community. So, we had the idea of making a rainbow Multimac so we could take part in the big parade. We worked with our trimming team in Coventry to get the colours just right and I’m thrilled with the end result. Birmingham Pride was such a fun day. The atmosphere was electric and people clapped and cheered us all the way down the parade. I think people enjoyed seeing our famous 3-seater car seat in the vibrant rainbow colours. I felt really proud being part of it and supporting the community. Stronger Together is the theme this year, and I totally believe in that.”

The founder and CEO of Multimac, Kevin Macliver commented, “The rainbow seat has been a really interesting customisation project for us. Of course, you can order a Multimac in any colour you like but people tend to match the interior of their car, which does look rather smart. So, when you’ve seen hundreds, if not thousands, of black and grey Multimacs, it’s quite breath-taking to see the 3-seater in this resplendent array of colour. It’s been so well received; we’ve even talked about producing the rainbow Multimac as a limited run ‘Pride’ edition!”