Multimac featured on Engineering Monthly

 Jun 26, 2015


The Multimac is a new concept in child car seat safety, allowing up to 4 children aged 0-12 to travel comfortably in the back of a 5 seater vehicle. Multimac is the safest way for children and infants to travel today.


A range of 4 x 3-seater and 3 x 4-seater child seats that enable families with a 3rdor 4th child to keep their existing car without having to upgrade to something bigger to accommodate their family. The Multimac can safely and comfortably fit up to 4 children aged 0-12 in the back of even the smallest cars (including a Mini!) taking up no boot space and leaving ample room for luggage or pushchairs.


Multimac founder Kevin Macliver believes that the Multimac is the safest car seat available in the UK today. The Multimac has greatly exceeded all crash testing requirements of ECE 44-04. There isn’t another product on the market that has repeatedly performed to such a remarkably high standard.

Macliver says; “we have compared our crash test results to a number of premium brands in the UK and in Europe including Britax and nothing comes close to the results and level of safety that the Multimac provides. We truly believe that this is the safest car seat in the world, and would welcome to opportunity to be challenged.’


This is really simple, think ISOFIX, but bigger:

Multimac Tether straps are initially bolted onto the existing rear seat belt buckle mountings, leaving the adult belts in place. The Multimac can then be fitted or removed in about a minute, allowing the car to still carry adults normally.


  • Fits solidly in your car and can be fitted/removed in minutes
  • Accommodates up to 4 children from 0-12, so you only need to buy one car seat……ever!
  • Instantly adjusts for different sized children (and adults!) so is perfect for car sharing
  • Has been designed and manufactured in Britain and tested in Sweden – the home of child car safety
  • Dramatically exceeds all existing safety requirements
  • Built like an Aeroplane seat – guaranteed to last longer than your car
  • Has been approved by Britain’s leading car insurers
  • Fits into even the smallest cars

 What-Car magazine immediately voted it ‘Best child seat, money no object’.