Multimac and Earth Day

What is Earth Day?

Earth Day was first started in 1970, and it is a commitment to end plastics for the sake of human and planetary health. EARTHDAY.ORG is demanding a 60% reduction in the production of all plastics by 2040.

Global plastics have reached an estimated 460 million metric tons in recent years, and it’s estimated that 75-199 million tons of plastic are currently in our oceans. Another scary statistic is that an estimated 9.7 billion cigarette butts are littered in the USA every year, 4 billion of these into waterways; and cigarette butts compromise nearly 20% of all litter.

How are Multimac Environmentally conscious?

The first obvious way in which Multimac helps to protect the environment is that, by having a Multimac, larger families are able to travel all together, in one vehicle. This eliminates the need for purchasing a second car when you have three or more children, or a bigger, less economical car.

In addition to this, Multimac fits in almost every vehicle, including electric vehicles, and in fact around 40% of Multimacs sold go into electric cars. The average petrol car on the road in the UK produces the equivalent of 180g of CO2 every kilometre, so by providing larger families with the option to drive just one, economical car (rather than two) or enabling them to comfortably use their electric car, helps to reduce each families CO2 emissions.

Multimac Are Made to Last

Unlike traditional car seats, Multimac seats are made with aluminium, so they are made to last far longer than the standard five year lifespan of child seats; you could say a Multimac is designed to last as long as your car! By purchasing a Multimac, it means you do not need to replace three or even four car seats every five years, and contribute to the build up of plastic waste. 

As the Multimac is made to last your children from 0-12 + years, it means that (a lot of the time) the Multimac will outlast your family and be resold for other families to enjoy and make use of for years to come.

Supporting Local Businesses

As a family run business, we endeavour to support other local businesses, rather than giving more money to large, multinational companies. This means that there’s no international shipping or flying parts across the world needed to create the Multimac. Each component of the Multimac is made in the UK (most around or close to The Midlands) and it means that the carbon footprint of the Multimac itself is reduced. 

Limited Use of Plastic

Whilst we have already touched on the limited plastic used to create the Multimac, we also use limited plastic packaging. 

When a brand new seat leaves our warehouse, the seat is boxed in cardboard and wrapped in a small amount of plastic wrap. The plastic wrap is used to protect the box and the seat itself from the elements, and to ensure that the box is undamaged and stays closed during transit.


As a company, we’re always looking for ways to reduce our impact on the environment, and always try to be environmentally conscious. We take great pride in the fact that our product is helping thousands of families around the world make more environmentally conscious decisions around their daily transportation.