Magyar-Hunor Tamas

This is innovation, not the 6th camera or the 128th core in your mobile. Innovation is the quad child seat that's now fitted to our car.
here's the story:
- we bought our first car just a bit more than a year ago, a Mazda CX-5. It was important to me that while we are a relatively big family, I still didn't want to buy a bus. I wanted a car that's FUN TO DRIVE. So that's why we ended up with this amazing Mazda CX-5. I do also drive it like a Porsche btw.

but then we found out we expect our 4th child. What now? Options were Volvo XC90 7seater, about £20k 2nd hand 100k miles Diesel (big no) or Hyundai Santa Fe 7seater, Diesel, about £15k. These are a lot of money for us, especially we'd have been losing on the Mazda too if we were to sell it. But bigger problem was that once you up the seats on the 7 seaters, their boot space becomes ~200 litres, which is not even close to enough for a big family like ours.

Here comes MULTIMAC - Automotive Macliver Ltd ! Multimac is a company that brings innovation, they are fixing this headache, cuz I can tell you, even fitting in 3 child seats is a huge headache, 4 is impossible...unless Multimac :)

Huge thanks for Victoria Sambrook for the months and months of addressing my questions and concerns and to Minty Macliver and @Kevin Macliver for fitting it to the car :)