Level up your childcare business with multimac

Tired of rearranging car seats on a daily basis? Sick of getting in endless fights with seat belts and harnesses? Limited to the number of children you can take care of because you can’t fit them all in the car?

You could transform your childcare business with multimac

How to level up your lifts

Whether you have a 5 seater, 7 seater or even a minivan - you can expand your childcare business and transport more children in your car with multimac.

Not only do our 3 seaters allow the often impossible task of fitting 3 children safely in the back of a regular car, but we also offer 3 seat models that fit in the rear row of 7 seaters as well as 4 seater multimacs - both of which will allow you to safely carry an extra child altogether!

The multimac removes your morning and afternoon battles with seat belts for the school run and is instead faff-free, allowing you to easily just clip the harnesses in and pull the adjustment cord to tighten.

Carry children of all ages

As the multimac is designed to take children from 0-12 years with easily changeable accessories and adjustments, you have full flexibility when it comes to which age children you care for and where they’re seated in the car on any given day.

The adjustamac, in particular, makes it easy to transform a seat designed for a 2 year old to one suitable for an 8 year old within a matter of minutes. 

Don’t just take it from us

We’re very proud of our product and how much easier it makes life for so many families with 3 or more children and childminders but we also know how important it is that you hear from them directly.  

Paul Ryan: 

“We purchased our multimac to help with my wife's childminding business. 

We have our own 2 kids but she minds 4 or 5 little ones most days. They are all different ages, so the school run (to collect our own kids) always involved a daily car seat shuffle so the appropriate sized seats for whichever kids were being minded that day would be in the car for that 15 minute trip. It was a lot of work. 

The Multimac has not only helped with this (the multimac seats are adjustable quickly to match the size of the child), but it has also given us one extra seat in terms of capacity because the back row of our 7 seater could only accommodate 2 normal child seats, but the multimac provides 3. So, we've gone from the previous situation where there was the daily chore of swapping seats around and, if she had more than 4 kids, I had to be home to do the school run, to the current situation where there is always enough room in the car and the seats almost never need to be shuffled around.We've gone from 7 car seats down to just 3!”

Sara Bazlinton: 

“I can now carry 7 kids instead of 6 in my car, the Multimac paid for itself in the first year of it being fitted. But even better, I can drive to school with the bigger children and with a quick adjustment to the harness, I can return home with the 17 month old I collect at school without needing a different car seat. It also means I don’t need to constantly swap car seats, sometimes several times a day, or need an extra shed to keep them in. Best bit of kit I’ve ever bought for my childminding business, hands down!”