If you didn’t think you could fit multiple car seats in an Electric car, you’re in for a shock

Electric and hybrid vehicles are very much the future, and we’re hoping we can ensure larger families can be a part of that too.

As I’m sure at this point you’re already well aware, finding a car that fits 3 isofix points safely and comfortably in the back of your car is like gold dust. So, add wanting to purchase an Electric car into the mixing bowl could leave you well and truly stuck.

If you’re looking to reduce both your costs and your emissions the last thing you want is a gas guzzling MPV. A much better option may be a Hybrid like the Outlander PHEV, or an EV like a Tesla 3, neither of which will generically take 3 isofix seats.

One of our customers Mark had this very thought and said that “We’d had our hearts set on an electric car for a while and when the Tesla Model 3 was released we were hopeful that it would work for our family of five, but when it came to fitting three traditional car seats in the back it was a very tight squeeze” This of course is hardly exclusive to electric cars…

Mark went on to say that “We went ahead and ordered both the car and the Multimac. It fits in the back perfectly and our growing children have more space than they ever did in standard car seats! We couldn’t have made the Tesla Model 3 work for us without you!”

And there lies the simple premise of this blog really, we just want to make sure that the buzz around electric and hybrid vehicles wasn’t lost on big families as that would be truly shocking. Having a 3rd or 4th Child doesn’t mean you can’t join the revolution and gain all the benefits that Electric cars have to offer.  So, watt are you waiting for, check out our Range and Will it fit pages to find the Multimac to go with your car!