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How it fits

Multimac is secured solidly to the car chassis with tether straps which simply bolt on to the two existing mountings for the rear seat belt buckles.

The adult seat belts are not used. It is completely independent of any existing fittings and has been designed as a self contained, energy absorbing structure.

Adjustable front legs complete the secure installation. It can probably be best described as ‘big-isofix’, and hopefully all car manufacturers will eventually provide pre-installed Multimac mountings.

How it works

  • The Multimac fits securely on the back seat of your car
  • You can safely transport 1,2 3, or 4 children up to the age of 12 (weight 36kg)
  • Children up to 2 years (weight 13kg) use the Minimac rear facing cradle that securely clips into one of the seat positions, (4 for quads)
  • The unique Adjustamac enables the seat belts in each position to be instantly adjusted to fit any child
  • The 2 certified tether straps bolt onto the standard ‘lap strap’ mounting bolts, the adult belts remaining in place
  • The 2 front support legs adjust to rest on the car floor, sliding back flush with the rear car seat
  • Multimac is easily removed in minutes and comes with simple instructions
  • Headrests are available, that fit easily into the Multimac headrest sockets

How it works for you

Imagine you are the average family with 2.2 children – a 3 year old girl and an 8 year old boy. Normally, you will have 2 types of child seat to fit them correctly.

If you want to take your son and his friends to a football match you will have to borrow 2 suitable seats.

If you want to take your daughter and 2 friends to ballet lessons, again, you would have to borrow 2 other suitable seats.

With Multimac, you simply adjust the belts (Adjustamac) and headrests, to take either, with 3 friends safely, instantly and in comfort.


Multimac 1320 (4 seater)

4 seats : 4 x club seats (330mm) Overall width: 1350 mm Fits cars such as:...

Multimac 1000 (3 seater)

3 x club seats (330mm) Overall width: 1020mm Fits cars such as: Fiat 500,...

Super club

3 seats : 3 x superclub seats (400mm) Overall width: 1230 mm Fits in all cars...

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