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Deborah A, Childminder, Whitstable, Kent - Drives a Peugeot 807

1) Why did you consider a MultiMac?

Because the current market place has not thought about the problem of having more than one child. Or, that some cars have not been manufactured with children in mind. All the child car seats available in the market place were not suitable for the rear seat in my Peugeot that would pass safety regulations. I want to have three children under five with car seats but unfortunately this was not possible until I came across the MultiMac.

2) What convinced you to purchase a MultiMac?

I was very impressed that Kevin came to personally show and explain the MultiMac, and could provide information that the seat was indeed suitable for my vehicle and suitable for my needs. He explained about all the safety testing that had taken place and had lots of evidence that the seat was suitable for the purpose.

3) Would you recommend a MultiMac to anyone else, and if so why?

I have shown my MultiMac to all my friends and colleagues who agreed that the seat is very impressive.

4) What are your 'likes' of the MultiMac? Has it made life easier?

The MultiMac is so quick and easy to use, and very easy to clean. I like the fact that you can change the height of the straps very simply so making it very easy to use, especially as in my case I use the seats for different aged children every day. But most of all I like the fact that the MultiMac is safe and secure and with the added benefit that it can be taken out of the car very easily within minutes.

5) What do your children / the children you look after think of the MultiMac?

All the children love the MultiMac because they love to be together and seated in the back of the car. They also like the fact that they are not squashed into the seat that is sometimes uncomfortable. The slightly older children of four years and over also like the fact that the MultiMac doesn't look like a baby car seat.

6) Any other feedback?

This MultiMac seat has been the best children's car seat I have ever purchased, very easy to use and practical for the job that I do as a Registered Childminder. I would recommend without a second thought. It’s one of the best investments to my business.


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