Auto Express Review on the Multimac - read it here

Auto Express road tested the Multimac in their RS3. Read what they had to say about it....

Auto Express Multimac review :

" IF you’ve got a growing family, then chances are your only option when choosing a new  car is a spacious and sensible MPV. However, thanks to Multimac’s three and four-child car seats, you can now turn anything from a MINI  to a Mondeo into practical people carrier. The West Midlands company’s clever singlepiece unit fits across the standard rear bench and incorporates up to four individual seats that will accommodate children from birth up to 12 years old. We tried the brand’s £1,499 1260 four-seater design in an Audi RS3. A Multimac engineer fitted the unit in  minutes by securing a pair of ratcheted tether straps to the car’s standard lap belt mounting 
points, before lowering a pair of strong and adjustable legs that are braced against the floor and stabilise the seat. According to Multimac, the bench can be removed quickly, and with practice owners can complete  installation and removal themselves. Once fitted, we found getting four kids in  the back a doddle, while the adjustable fivepoint straps were easy to use. And despite  the narrow look of the seats, even the largest  of our young testers claimed to be comfortable. Prices range from £1,299 to £1,499 for the 1260 we tested and even wider 1320. While the seats seem costly next to standard versions, they’re still cheaper than replacing your car. "