The real answer to the Multiple Car Seat struggle

‘What Car’ have recently published an article discussing the best cars to fit 3 child seats in. And quite simply, articles like this continue to upset us.  And the reason for that is 2-fold:

Firstly, we find it appalling how little choice you actually have as a large family when it comes to choosing a vehicle that safely fits 3 or 4 child seats in. A staggeringly low number have 3 or 4 Isofix points in, and the vast majority of those are a combination of huge, or hugely expensive.

Secondly, articles like this shouldn’t need to exist in the first place. Because 25 Years ago Kevin Macliver came across this very problem when he had his 4th child, and couldn’t understand why a car that could comfortably take 3 Rugby Players in the back, couldn’t take 3 car seats, let alone 4… And thus, the Multimac was born. Since then we’ve gone on to install the Multimac in over 500 different models of car around the world, ranging from a Mini Cooper to a Rolls Royce, and everything in between! Have a look if your car fits here

So, we propose a very different answer to the one ‘What Car’ give. And that answer is, whichever car you want to be the best car to fit 3 Children’s car seats in, is the best one. Because why should you need to upsize your car? Why should you need 7 seats to fit a family of 5? Why can’t you have a large family and still have the car you’ve always wanted?

Well with Multimac, you can…

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