Now more than ever, we need to be doing all we can to be more environmentally friendly as we become increasingly aware of our carbon footprint, highlighting the importance of sustainability in our everyday lives. 

One huge factor is transport - (as the majority of us drive a car every single day) The move to electric vehicles is rapidly increasing - and so it should be.

However, if you have more than 2 children your choice in an electric vehicle is slim to say the least. 

Fully electric cars have to accommodate a heavy battery which contributes hugely to the overall weight of the car. (This is why most electric cars tend to be pretty small, well at least the majority of the early electric cars; BMW i3, Renault Zoe, Nissan Leaf, VW e-UP! etc.)

So it's not easy to make a large vehicle electric, in terms of weight distribution, it requires a lot of clever engineering to ensure the quality of the drive is not compromised by the additional weight of the battery.

The only electric car with more than 5 seats is the Tesla Model X which comes with the seating options of a 5,6 or 7 seater.

The 6 seater (2 x 2 x 2) is probably the most appealing to families with more than 2 children, as they can walk through the aisle in between the two middle seats to access the rear row as they are two separate 'captian seats' 

However, this still means you lose your all-important boot space which isn't ideal for a growing family, not to mention having a child or 2 children in the crumple zone.