Meet a Multimac Family!

What's your name?

Ben Marshall

Where are you from?


What do you do?

I have a YouTube channel, called DadCars.

Tell us a bit about your family.

My wife and I both grew up in families of four children and so we always wanted four ourselves. Sure enough we now have our four little pickles! 

Tell us a bit about your car!

My wife currently drives a BMW X5 which has a 4 across Multimac in and my DadCar is a Maserati GranSport, which is now the only 5 seater GranSport in the world thanks the 3 across Multimac in the back.

How did you manage before you had your Multimac, or what would have done as an alternative?

We purchased the 7 seater X5 thinking that would be suitable for our needs but quickly realised having a young child in the 3rd row was less than ideal. We tried squishing 3 child seats across the middle row of the massive X5 but it was a real struggle. 

What made you purchase a Multimac?

We weren't happy with having a young child squished in the 3rd row seating and needed the full size of our boot so the Multimac solved both of these issues!

How did you hear about Multimac?

Searching online for how to get 3 child seats across.

How would you describe your experience with Multimac?

I love how once fitted it feels like its part of the car itself. No more arguments about who is stuck in the back alone and it opens up car options for families like ours which is exciting. 

Do you have any tips or advice for new Multimac owners?

I know the cost seems a lot but consider the cost of changing your car... thats likely to cost well in excess of a Multimac by the time the dealer has made their mark up on the trade! 

Did you have any concerns when purchasing your Multimac?

I didn't understand how it could be fitted/ secured to the car. But there is now a fantastic video on my channel where we show the 3 across going into my Maserati.

Do you have any exciting road trips planned with your Multimac?

We would love to do some road trips and film them for the channel. Watch this space.