Meet a Multimac Family!

The first in a series of meeting Multimac customers: we have Brittany from Warwickshire!

What’s your name?

Brittany Balinski

Where are you from?

Warwickshire, England.

What do you do?

Director of Benedykt & Sylvester LTD, a family business where I create and sell learning resources for children.

Tell us a bit about your family.

We have 4 children under 7 and we take the Montessori approach to parenting. For those who don’t know, Montessori was an Italian doctor with a great interest in education. She developed an innovative group of principles that bring the best out of a young child, helping them to grow into a happy adult with a great knowledge and understanding of their own self.

What do you drive?

We actually have used our multimac in several vehicles, from a Mazda 6, to a VW Caddy but now we are settled with our 2017 VW Passat Estate.

How did you manage before you had your Multimac, or what would you have done as an alternative?

We aren't sure if our 3-across set up we had in our Hyundai was particularly safe, but we put up with it like that for a while. I've never been comfortable with a baby seat on the front passenger seat even with the airbag off.

What made you purchase a Multimac?

We found out we were having a 4th baby, and we were already feeling overcrowded with car seats at the time!

How did you hear about Multimac?

A car seat shop in Birmingham recommended Multimac to us.

How would you describe your experience with Multimac?

The team are extremely friendly, professional and reassuring. They offer a quick and helpful service too which is always a bonus.

Did you have any concerns when purchasing a Multimac?

None at all because the information we received at the time was so helpful, plus the team understood our situation so much.

Do you have any exciting road trips planned with your Multimac?

We’re hoping to take our Multimac across Europe!

Is there any advice you’d give to anyone considering buying a Multimac?

Do it, it saved our marriage!

Visit Brittany's own social media pages @barefootbrit on TikTok and @benedyktandsylvester on Instagram!