Highlights from the Multimac Range

A completely new concept in child car seat safety. Accommodates children from 0-12 years old. Fully tested. Energy absorbing design makes it one of the safest child car seats around.

Multimac 1320 (4 seater)

4 seats : 4 x club seats (330mm) Overall width: 1350 mm Fits cars such as:...

Super club

3 seats : 3 x superclub seats (400mm) Overall width: 1230 mm Fits in all cars...

Multimac 1000 (3 seater)

3 x club seats (330mm) Overall width: 1020mm Fits cars such as: Fiat 500,...


safe. secure.
and made to the highest possible standards.

Engineered to air craft standards - this is like no other seat on the market. Its clever design and advanced aluminium structure means it absorbs maximum energy in a crash and gives exceptional crash test performance - fully tested and approved to ECE 44-04.

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Child Seats

Child seat guide

Click here to see our size guide and which Multimac accessories you need to suit your childrens ages

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Safety Coats

The Multimac Road Coat

Safety is massively compromised in the Winter. A Road Coat works to bring absolute safety to your children.

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Road Coats bring safety to winter journeys

15 fitting centres based throughout the UK.

Most cars are a standard fitting, and you can either do it yourself following our fitting manual (if you feel capable) or use one of our Fitting agents.

Leather Seats

Customise your Multimac.

Make the Multimac your own by designing it to your chosen spec. This could be matching your car’s interior or just adding some pizzazz!

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Customise your Multimac

A new concept in child car seat safety.

Fit one of these across the back seat of any car and off you go. All manufactured in Britain and sold World wide! Extremely safe and compatible for all

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“It is seriously the best item I have ever come across”

I would honestly have paid a lot more money due to the freedom, the ability that it gives you to travel about and the cost saving of potentially making more journeys.

“It was recommended by an uncle who worked for a motability company in Ireland”

It's a quality product and the customer service has been exemplary.

“What convinced me to buy it was speaking to Kevin Macliver on the phone, he seemed really genuine and was always easy to get in contact with”

I think it’s a wonderful product and take any opportunity to show it off to other mammys.