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Why is Multimac so expensive?

Is it? There are 2 aspects:

prior to the 2006 changes enforcing the use of child seats for all children up to 11 yrs/1.35m, parents bought on average 2.7 car seats per child. It will now be more. For 4 children, that was 10.8 seats, which probably cost more than one Multimac plus accessories…………………

If you factor in the flexibility [Adjustamac] of being able to instantly alter the seat belt height to take any of your neighbours’ children as well:- you would need a bootful of childseats and a bigger car to give the same capacity.

QUALITY/SAFETY: what price safety? The Multimac/MINIMAC crash test results are second to none.

The Multimac is an Integral-Child-Seat, which defines its own strength rather than being supported by the adult belt/seat. It is constructed in a special grade of Aluminium which requires 2 hours of welding per seat, and incorporates many separate energy absorbing features in addition to the legs. The upholstery is to normal Automotive/Aeroplane/Train standards, so will last well past the needs of your children. The individual 5-point harnesses incorporate instant height adjustment, and further energy absorbing chest pads.

The whole assembly works whether it is carrying one 9 month old baby, or four 12 year olds, or any combination in between.