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Rachel F, Hexham, Northumberland - Drives a BMW X3

1) Why did you consider a MultiMac?

We already had three boys, aged nine, six and two when I got pregnant with my fourth child. One of the main immediate concerns was what car? Not only would we need a seven seater, but also a four wheel drive as we live in rural Northumberland. We looked at every possibility on the market and the options were either too expensive or had the extra two seats in the rear where frankly you wouldn't even put a dog let alone your children.

We came across MultiMac on Fifth Gear and thought this is the answer we had been looking for, as we were quite happy with our BMW X3 and did not really want to get rid of it. After many weeks of Googling, I finally found the website.

2) What convinced you to purchase a MultiMac?

Kevin came to our workplace and gave us a full demo and we could see the quality and safety features that had gone into the design. He explained it would fit our car exactly and would grow with the children.

3) Would you recommend a MultiMac to anyone else, and if so why?

Without hesitation, yes. It is much safer than standard child seats and lets you keep the car you already have.

4) What are your 'likes' of the MultiMac? Has it made life easier?

Allowing us to keep our car, making the rear seats safer for all the children, and really importantly you keep all of your boot space! We headed off to the Scottish Highlands a few weeks ago with the three boys and 11 week old baby girl and all the luggage etc that four children need and still had room in the boot. Even with a seven seater car the boot space is so limited we would of needed a roof box or a trailer, but with the MultiMac we just loaded the car up as usual and off we went!

5) What do your children think of the MultiMac?

My baby seems and looks very comfortable in the baby seat, she always falls asleep! The boys love the seat belts (like formula one racing drivers!) and they like the fact that we get to keep the same car too.

My six year old and two year old fall asleep on long journeys and the headrests are really supportive.

6) Any other feedback?

I just love the MultiMac! It is a piece of genius design and really helped us solve a problem; it was the answer we were looking for. The service provided by Kevin Macliver was superb from start to finish, and the seat was totally custom made to fit our car exactly. His attention to detail was excellent and Kevin and his son even travelled all the way to our house to fit it for us. It looks really neat in our car. You often see people looking to see how we are going to fit all the children in, or see their amazement when all the children pile out! It was a much more economically viable option than changing our car, and when baby number four was on the way, that had to be good news!

We are really very pleased with the MultiMac and it has drawn great interest and fascination from many people!

Kevin Macliver has a genius product backed up with excellent service and should be applauded for his business. I hope his product becomes very successful, he deserves it.


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