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Natalie O, Co. Carlow - Drives a Toyota, Avensis

1) Why did you consider a MultiMac?

I considered buying the MultiMac because I was pregnant with my third child and didn't have enough space for a third car seat. When we went looking at people carriers I didn't like that there was no separate boot and that buggies and shopping were lying loose in the back of them. I thought this might be dangerous in the event of a crash. Also I still have a large enough boot in my Toyota to carry around everything I need for three kids, all I needed was the seat!

2) What convinced you to purchase a MultiMac?

What convinced me to buy it was speaking to Kevin Macliver on the phone, he seemed really genuine and was always easy to get in contact with. The level of customer service we received was outstanding and this made all the difference.

3) Would you recommend a MultiMac to anyone else, and if so why?

I would definitely recommend it to parents of small children. It has meant that I could keep my car instead of buying a people carrier (more fuel efficient) and saved me another crazy car loan, and it is manufactured to the highest safety standard.

4) What are your 'likes' of the MultiMac? Has it made life easier?

I like that it is easy to use and easy to keep clean, there's enough room for my three children and a friend! It’s easier to strap in three kids into it than three separate seats. Don't know if it has made my life easier but it has definitely saved me money!

5) What do your children think of the MultiMac?

My children find it ok. We had a few teething problems, such as the baby was too upright and the crotch straps were too short but that’s sorted now. They have their own seats and no one is allowed to sit in anyone else’s seat or there is war!!!

6) Any other feedback?

My husband said to mention that the straps were too thin and seem to get twisted very easily.

Hope this has been some help to you, I think it’s a wonderful product and take any opportunity to show it off to other mammys.


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