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The Closest You'll Get To A Built-In Car Seat

Have you always dreamed of having leather car seats for your children that match your car’s interior AND keep them safe?

Or maybe you’ve always wanted to customise your back seat with bright, crazy colours that your kids will love!

Both are made possible with a leather multimac. 

Fully customisable to appear built in to your car

It seems like a no-brainer for automotive brands to integrate child car seats within their cars, but at the moment just two brands do so: Volvo and Seat - neither of which offer built-in car seats for more than two children in the back. 

Multimac fits not just two, but up to four children in the back of your car! We can even give you that integrated feel by matching leather colours and stitching patterns to your car’s existing interior!

White 1320 in Tesla Model X

Add a touch of personalisation to your kids’ car seats

Our leather seats also come with the option of personalised headrest inserts embroidered with your child’s names. 

Not only does the embroidery add a touch of personality to your multimac, but it also puts an end to any frustrating debates about who is sitting in which seat. 

Customise to your heart’s content

Whilst most integrated car seats come in a classic plain black leather, multimac comes in any colour you can dream of. 

We’ve made rainbow seats, bright pink seats, and even a seat based on the Louis Vuitton branding. 

The best part?

Although mulitmac can appear integrated into your car, it’s easy to remove in less than 5 minutes, so you can use your car’s regular back seats whenever you need them.

Want more info about our leather seat option? Get in touch via. our leather orders page: