Frequently Asked Questions


This is a tricky one, but something we get asked all the time. Obviously, safety is at the forefront of our minds when it comes to buying a car seat full stop.

So it goes, you should never buy a used car seat in case it has ever been involved in an accident and of course, standard car seats are made of plastic which degrades over time.

The Multimac should be treated slightly differently, as it’s made of aluminium, which is obviously far more robust than plastic, and like your car is designed to last forever. You could say it is designed to aircraft standards.

On a couple of occasions we have sent the same Multimac down the test rig twice, and amazingly the second time, the results were within to the first

The most important thing to take from this is that if you do happen to buy a second hand Multimac - you cannot use the same fitting parts that the previous owner has. All cars are different when it comes to mounting the Multimac, and fitting parts are car specific. We have several different tether straps types, lengths of tether straps, sizes of bolts and eyebolts, as well as different threads, washers, spreader plates and we know exactly what each different car model requires. So, you must order a new fitting kit from us directly (starting from £29 - depending on the car) Once you have taken delivery of the fitting kit for your car, you are welcome to use any of our fitting agents listed on the website.

Having said all that, just be aware of the state of the Multimac you have seen advertised. After many years of children sat in it, with their sticky fingers, spillages, and other potential messes – parts may well need replacing. Luckily everything is replicable on the Multimac but by the time you have ordered new harnesses, chest pads and of course a new fitting kit – you may well find that the cost is adding up.