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Meet the Team

  • Kevin Macliver

    Kevin Macliver

    “Mr Multimac” - the man behind the genius invention – Engineer and Father of 4, Kevin is renowned for ‘finding  solutions to problems’ in every aspect of life. As a boy he dreamed of designing and building racing cars. With a mechanical engineering degree under his belt, he started off his career testing brakes in the automotive world before setting up his own engineering business working all over the world designing and installing energy recovery systems into big factories and will proudly tell you that a number of years later, they are still saving XXX amount of energy every day and he has a seriously negative carbon footprint.

    When Kevin isn’t working (which is very rare) he is improving the house, tinkering with one of his many cars, reading Autocar or watching car fanatic ‘Harrys Vids’ on YouTube…. 

  • Minty Macliver

    Minty Macliver

    Daughter of Kevin, and fellow petrol head. Minty has been working with her Dad since she was 19 and had no idea what she wanted to do in life, 10 years later she is enjoying building the company with her old man. She has played a key role in the company’s development and expansion, helping it grow from a one-man-band to what it is today.

    When Minty isn’t working you will find her planning her next European road trip, kickboxing in the gym, mountain biking or enjoying some live music with her partner Callum.

  • Martyn Collar

    Martyn Collar

    Before Martyn became a full-time Multimacca  he was a Bentley-Boy. His last project was Managing the trim of the Queens Bentley… yes…. not only was he a Bentley engineer, but he was the project leader on the Queens Bentley

    Martyn then started his own business which was where Kevin found him when he needed early trim development work as the Multimac progressed beyond the prototype phase. Martyn has stuck with Multimac ever since and continues to do design and development work, as well as mundane tasks like trimming spacer sets and helping with fittings, oh and more car tinkering!

    When Martyn is not at work, he is perfecting another part of his house/garage/shed or cycling across country with his partner Emma and son Ewan. This man can turn his hand to anything (including bread making and unicycling) and is often roped into strange tasks like fixing parts of handbags and clothes for members of the team as well as Evander’s bicycle. 

  • Gemma Moore

    Gemma Moore

    Gemma formerly worked with Kevin’s wife (Minty’s Mum) Cathy in the NHS before starting with Multimac, so it feels like she’s part of the family! Gemma does all the number crunching and important bookkeeping. This year she has started university so will have her lifelong dream of the cap and gown experience soon! Gemma speaks her mind and holds no prisoners; she is a loyal member of the team and keeps us all in check.

    When Gemma isn’t at work she is planning her next exotic holiday (normally no closer than a million miles away) with her husband Matt and two girls, Scarlett and McKenzie. 

  • Victoria Sambrook

    Victoria Sambrook

    Vicky is one of the happiest people you will ever meet – a real people’s person who loves making friends and having a laugh. We love her enthusiasm and the way she runs up the stairs so fast to get into the office every morning. She puts 110% into everything she does.

    When Vicky isn’t working, she is going on long scenic walks with ‘The Bad Mums’ crew or going to craft beer pubs and events with her husband Neil. Vicky has 2 sons, Devon and Franklin, who are in their early teens and we are proud to say both still fit in a Multimac!

  • Amber Cater

    Amber Cater