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Clare Cooke - Skoda Yetti

I'm so sorry for the massive delay in getting these to you.  We are very happy with the multimac thank you.  I hope these photos can be of some use to you.  I certainly found it more comfortable in the back of the car once the multimac was fitted but am delighted William is now big enough to go in the back so I can have my front seat back again!  The multimac gave me so much more shoulder space in the back rather than being wedged between the two seats.

I spoke to NFU and told them I had £16000 worth of car seat and they said my insurance does cover them.  I don't need to pay any more to have them covered and I could make a claim if need be for the seats as long as I had a receipt as proof of purchase.  Just thought I would let you know in case any future customers asked you about this.

Best wishes