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Multimac was initially approved to the European Regulations in 2008 and the certificate can be seen here.

Multimac ECE 44-04 Approval Certificate

We have to be re-certified every 2 years when random seats are taken from production and retested, and our quality and inspection systems audited, and the current certificate can be see here 

Multimac 2022 Approval Certificate

You will see that this is all done at VTI in Sweden, who invented the rear facing seat [RFS], invented Isofix and invented the Swedish Plus test, and are widely recognised as the ‘home of child safety’, so we are proud that they recognised the safety and quality of Multimac, and chose to work with us from 2001.


The  European approval is recognised not only in all European countries, but many other around the world, with the only notable exceptions being United States and Canada, and Australia, although New Zealand accepts it.


Is it legal to carry more people than my car has seats for?

Yes! We checked this before spending 1 million developing the multimac

From a legislation perspective: Multimac is approved to the European Standard ECE44-04 to carry 4 [or 3] children in a regular car, using the existing adult seat belt anchorage points, or special fittings supplied by Multimac.
European law allows you to carry as many passengers as the car is fitted with approved seat belts/harnesses.


3 x Adult dummies @ 75kg = 225kg total weight
4 x ‘12 year old’ dummies @36kg  = 144kg total weight

Do I have to notify the DVLA (or other country authority) that I have modified my car?

No, and do not use the word ‘Modified’ when discussing Multimac.  A Modification is a permanent change to a vehicle which must be notified in the Log-Book – like change of colour, or engine size, or fitting windows in the sides of a van.

The Multimac can be fitted and removed from the vehicle in a minute or so, just like a regular child seat, and is fully approved as described above.  When it is out, the car is just like it was before

Do I have to tell my insurance company? 

As above, we notified and had meetings with ABBI [British Insurance Association] before launching Multimac, and having looked at all the crash test data they concluded that this was the safest option for transporting multiple children, and instructed their members to cover Multimac at no additional cost.  We have subsequently had similar discussions with all the European Insurers. We recommend that you notify them that you have a Multimac, in case your car is involved in a big accident or is stolen, and needs replacing.

Do I have to replace my multimac after an accident?

It is recommended that regular plastic child seats are replaced after an accident, and we are frequently called by parents whose car has had a little bump and asked for the original receipt so they can claim for a new Multimac. We point out that if there was no child in it, there would be no damage anyway, and that we have done a full 30g crash test with 4 x ‘12 year’ old dummys in a Multimac, and then crash tested the same Multimac again with virtually identical ‘excellent’ results, so unless there is serious damage to the car, and the Multimac was occupied,  it is unlikely that the Multimac will need replacing.  Please call us for an assessment.