• Multimac is the only multiple child car seat in the world. Tested in Sweden and manufactured in Britain, and currently selling directly via our website to families all round the world.
  • The Multimac is a complete structure with 3 or 4 berths, depending which model seat you choose. We make 3 different sized 3 seaters and 3 different sized 4 seaters.  If your car has a back seat – we have a Multimac that will fit it!
  • Each seat berth features a 5 point harness and can take children from 9kg to 36kg (11 – 12yrs)
Multimac 1000 car seat Multimac 1260 car seat  
  • The seat sits on top of the back seat of your car fixed to the adult seat belt mounting points in the floor of the car. You can take the seat in and out of the car within a minute, leaving the adult seat belts underneath so it is back to its original state. (It can be moved between cars)
  • The Minimac baby cradle mechanically locks into any size seat berth within the Multimac chassis, once the base cushion is removed. So if you had quads, you could have 4 rear facing babies next to each other!
  • The 5 point harness straps are instantly adjustable with 7 different heights so can be lowered to exactly above child’s shoulders. (this is patented)
Harness Straps Harness straps
  • We have recently developed a ‘plug-in adult buckle’ which can be used with the two Outer seats of the Multimac. This means that when children get too big for the 5 point harness, they can sit in the Multimac using the lap and diagonal seat belt from the car. This means you can take bigger kids and even adults too. (you can order this as an extra and it tucks away under the seat base when you are using the normal harness)
Plug in adult buckle Plug in Adult Buckle
  • The standard finish is a black Jaguar imitation leather, this is very durable and easily cleaned.

Black Jaguar imitation leather

  • You can have your Multimac trimmed in leather to match your cars interior for an additional cost. (around £600 for a 3 seater and £800 for a 4 seater)
  • Orders go through the website/over the phone and we can either deliver the seat to your local fitting agent or if you prefer to fit yourself (providing it is a standard fitting) we can send directly to your home along with all the parts you need for the installation. Please see installation page.
  • If you would like to have the Multimac for 2 cars, please make sure you Order a second fitting kit.
  • We take a 50% deposit on Order and the other 50% just before we dispatch. We use World Pay, or can do bank transfer.
  • Check with Multimac (info@multimac.com) for current lead times as models may not always be ex stock.
  • We advise you tell your insurance company that you have a Multimac in your car. We met with ABI (Association of British Insurers) before launching the Multimac, as it increases the carrying capacity of your car and they discussed it with their members who generally agreed to cover it at no additional cost as they recognised it enhances child safety. International insurers also know about Multimac and generally cover it at no additional premium.



Multimac 1320 (4 seater)

Multimac 1320 (4 seater)

Our widest 4 seat model Suitable for children 0-12 years old | 0-135 cm |...

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Multimac 1000 (3 seater)

Multimac 1000 (3 seater)

The original 3 seater 5 point harness suitable for children 0-12 years old...

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Superclub (3 Seater)

Superclub (3 Seater)

Our widest 3 seat model Suitable for children 0-12 years old | 0-135cm |...

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